About Gym Wizards Academy

The key with exercise for kids –  whether it’s at a Physical Education class at school, a kiddies fitness gym, an extra mural sport or an occupational therapist or kinderkinetics programme- is that is needs to be both FUN and SUCCESSFUL!

Gym Wizards Academy’s Scientific and FUN Programmes and Products will guarantee that your children come back to your practice and fitness sessions again and again.

The outcome? Stronger, fitter, smarter kids and a thriving children’s fitness business!

Gym Wizards Academy exists to provide Resources, Training and Consulting for Teachers of Fitness, Sport and Exercise for Kids.

We improve lives through education and helping instructors, coaches, teachers and children’s movement practitioners deliver cutting edge programmes and curriculums in their children’s exercise training sessions and businesses.

We offer accredited short courses, workshops, lesson plans and business consulting, in partnership with South Africa’s leading Sport and Fitness Educational Institutions and Universities. Contact us to find out more about our Courses, Consulting and Curricula.


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