Crossing The Midline: What Is All The Fuss About?

Crossing the midline is an important developmental skill that children need to learn.

Have you ever tried to walk as follows: Step-touch right knee with left hand-step-touch-left knee with right hand-step-clap-step-touch right foot with left hand behind you-step-touch left foot with right hand behind you. All while singing… Row… row… row your boat…?

We thought not!

Unless of course we are wrong and you answered yes. In that case. What were you thinking? Or as the old axe advert says- get a girlfriend.

We are of course joking.

We only said that to try and prepare you for the potential comments from your friends. Quite the opposite.  We are here tell you about the benefits of this activity.

The main benefit being that it challenges you to cross the midline which is a very important developmental skill.