Gymnastics Classes for Everyone!


Age is always a question that comes up when it comes to starting Gymnastics Classes. “Is my child too young to join? Too old? Can I do gymnastics?”

The great thing about this sport is there is no limit! Including a gymnastics class as an extramural can drastically improve a child’s physical, social, and emotional well-being.

The Physical Aspect

This is very important in toddlers. Gymnastics includes jumping, climbing, crawling, balancing, and many other exercises. Learning these at a young age enhances childrens fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, as well as increasing their strength

The Social Aspect

Gymnastics classes allow young kids to interact in a play group environment, sharing activities, and following instructions. This is a great skill to begin learning before going to school.

The Emotional Aspect 

Gymnastics classes are a great way to allow children to explore and be themselves in a fun learning environment. All the while building their self confidence through positive reinforcement and achieving reachable goals.

Gymnastics Classes Are For Everyone!

Gymnastics is not just a great sport for toddlers.