Gymnastics Staff Hiring is an Important Aspect of a Successful Gymnastics Business

Gymnastics staff hiring and human resources management becomes vital from the moment you take that first step beyond being a sole-proprietor by hiring your very first assistant coach.

Gymnastics staff hiring is important for your gymnastics businessMost sports teachers don’t have the time to think from scratch about labor law, contracts, employee tax deductions, staff training and assessment, or even a proper background-check process.  And yet, even if your gym teaching is the best, it’s these very back-burner issues that will lead to you either losing staff, losing customers, or only becoming aware of problems long after it is too late to fix them.

What you need is some HR stuff that will set up the necessary infrastructure for you – with no fuss, and most importantly, with minimal time consumption.

When considering good gymnastics staff hiring, should you hire colleagues for their skill or their character?  Or should you wait around until you are sure you have found a new-hire who has both, while you have a potential class of students waiting without a teacher and a competing gym club in the next neighborhood?

How can you retain staff, in a market that is so very fluid?  How do you fire somebody? How do you make sure you hire the kind of person whom you will NOT have to fire?

Gymnastics Staff Hiring and Beyond

Good HR is really about how you grow, train and develop your staff, not only about how to hire.

Remember high staff turnover = high customer turnover.  Parents and students love their teachers, and will often leave you if the teacher leaves.Hiring the right coaches can help your gymnastics business grow

How do you develop staff independence? You don’t want to have to hold their hands during lessons and phone calls, right?  And yet you don’t want them to feel so ignored that they want to run off and work for that gym in the next neighborhood!

How do you develop that staff member’s awareness that you are interested in their personal career growth?  How do you identify the specific talents of staff and put them in their “flow” of work that they enjoy and do well. Trial and error?  [We use a special profiling test that tells us from the start what type of work that person will thrive in, and also what type of work they won’t enjoy.]

Good Staff Hiring From Day One

A proper business needs everything right from the very beginning – proper business forms, legal backup, staff salary accounting, and potential employees will feel they want to work for a business that has clear structures, no matter how small that business is.Office Essentials

Remember you need to grow your business structures efficiently and economically, from day one, in a streamlined way, only adding each layer as it becomes necessary.

And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!