Round offs: This article will focus on how to teach round offs to Tumblers, Gymnasts as well as Cheerleaders.

 -The Round Off is a major lead in skill for tumbling. In fact it is used in 90% of back tumbling routines.

-It is VERY important to have a correct Round Off.

-A weak round off can sabotage the whole routine that  follows it- and a strong round off can foster a successful tumbling pass.

-In short:A good round off usually means a good tumbling pass. A bad round off means a bad tumbling pass


The Round Off is a major Lead in Skill for Tumbling

Pre- Requisites for Teaching Round Offs:

The child must have already learned a very good, technically correct cartwheel.

Especially make sure the cartwheel is nice and long, with hands are placed correctly, body alignment is

correct and that the cartwheel is performed in a nice, straight line.