Movement Therapy Workshop: Through The Eyes Of An Observer.

Coaches having fun at the Movement Therapy workhop

On Friday we hosted our first Movement Therapy workshop. It was attended by all the Gym Wizards staff as well as parents and children interested in learning more about Movement Therapy.

It was a fantastic day catering both to the parents and the children.

The adults learnt all about the different parts of the brain, how to use activity to stimulate learning and the importance of learning to cross the midline.

The children were kept occupied by age appropriate activities and partook in all the games and activities.

These all have a practical element, are highly entertaining and are easy to play at home.

Why not try some of these activities at home with your children or friends?

You will be surprised at how difficult some of them are! This is a great way to have fun with the kids. Learning really is fun!

Learning To Learn Using Your Senses