What Our Customers Say

“It’s been so much fun! They introduced so many activities and it’s a great way for me to keep fit and gain experience while working with lots of children. I would recommend this course for students studying education or in the field of sport”
Tasneem Abrahams, 3rd Year Bachelor of Education student, UWC
We did different skills and also how to spot children in gymnastics. I learned how to spot and assist the children safely and I thought this was a really great way to teach because you can be more involved in their learning.
Lauren Bath, BA Sport Science, Post Graduate Education Certificate Student
“The workshop was about teaching kids how to do gymnastics from a beginner perspective. This programme is absolutely essential for anyone wanting to learn and/or teach children how to learn basic gymnastics skills. It also enables you to teach/coach in many other sports as well as it encompasses the fundamental core movements of locomotion, jumping, rotating, landing, balancing and hand-eye co-ordination.
For me the workshop taught me how to teach basic skills progressively- and I believe it is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to teach basic gymnastics skills.”
John Masilo, Springbok Tumbler, Tumbling Coach
I highly recommend this course for many reasons – in particular for its applicability to developing the same neural pathways young children need for learning mathematical and reading- and for the safety of our children.
Dr Eileen Africa, KinderKinetics University of Stellenbosch