Teaching Gymnastics: The Joys and Rewards

Gymnastics coaches spots a gymnast while teaching gymnastics

I have been Teaching Gymnastics for many years and have experienced many different characters along the way.

Young children never stop amazing me! They are so resilient and inspiring.

It brightens my day when my pupils arrive with a ready smile and an excited look on their faces. I love it when they bring me pictures they have drawn for me, this tells me that they are trusting and enjoy being there. It is so amazing to watch them grow in confidence and enthusiasm.

As Gymnastics Teachers We Come Across Many Different Children…

I have children who are so confident, they feel they can do anything you challenge them to do.

There are others who just do not believe in themselves.

These are the differences that I encounter: Those who can be pushed at a faster rate and those who you have to keep encouraging and be as patient with as possible.

I see the shy children become confident in a few short months of attending gym classes. At first they do not believe that they are capable of doing much but over time they realise that they actually can do a lot more than they thought.

This is the most